ICVRV 2020 Selected Papers


01  3D Modeling Based on UAV Aerial Photography
02  3D Reconstruction and Understanding of Indoor Scene Based on Single Image
03  3D Reconstruction Method Based on Aerial Sequence of UAV
04  3D Surface Detail Enhancement
05  5G+VR industrial technology application
06  A Cross Partial Path Weighted Feature Fusion Object Detection Algorithm
07  A dynamic visualization system for risk characterization and accident evolution of molten metal operation
08  A new type of intelligent solar tracking bracket
09  A novel SLAM method for laparoscopic scene reconstruction with feature patch tracking
10  A Tangible Interaction Projection Tabletop for Experiments
11  A Virtual Reality Cycling System Based On Multi-Sensor Fusion
12  AI and AR Based Interface for Piano Training
13  An Improved MeshCNN with Active Learning for Anatomical Labeling of the Circle of Willis
14  An Improved Soft Tissue Deformation Simulation Model Based on Mass Spring
15  Angel diary
16  Application of 3D rendering in Twinmotion
17  Application of Gesture Recognition Fusion Algorithm Based on Double LeapMotion in Hand Function Rehabilitation in Large Space
18  AR Creator: A Mobile Application of Logic Education Based on AR
19  Architectural Visualization of Noufu Church Based on Twinmotion
20  Changchun University Virtual 3D Campus
21  Chinese-Style Resort based on Virtual Reality Technology
22  City of the future
23  Cloud mobile display and interaction framework of virtual reality 3D scenes
24  Cloud Rendering Scheme for Standalone Virtual Reality Headset
25  Colored Sand Painting Simulation Based on Detail Preservation
26  Comfort evaluation of sterer image based on machine learning
27  Community building 3D modeling based on UAV photography
28  Cumuliform Cloud Animation Control Based on Natural Images
29  Denoising in Monte Carlo rendering based on Clustered-Residual block network
30  Dense-U-Net: A novel densely connected CNN for lung fields segmentation
31  Design and implementation of immersive ink art
32  Design and production of monster hunting game based on virtual reality technology
33  Design of Auxiliary Hearing Compensation System Based on Bluetooth for Deaf Children
34  Design of Virtual 3D Roaming Application of Dai National Folk House Based on Unity
35  Digital Virtual Museum
36  Dots in unity3d game
37  Dream Back To HongMeng
38  Dynamic Flight Simulator
39  Face recognition application  based on improved SSD network model
40  Facial Expression Recognition Based on Ensemble Convolutional Neural Network
41  Geometric Correction for Projection Image Based on Azure Kinect Depth Data
42  Hello, Chinese Ethnic and Folk Dances
43  HongCun
44  Human-Object Interaction in AR
45  Image mosaic and hybrid fusion algorithm based on pyramid decomposition
46  Image segmentation method based on RGB - D fusion
47  Improved ORB-SLAM Based 3D Dense Reconstruction for Monocular Endoscopic Images
48  Improved Robust Hand-Eye Calibration Algorithm Based on Data Optimization and Filtering
49  Improved TLD gesture tracking algorithm based on SURF and Camshift
50  Instance Segmentation Based on Improved YOLACT
51  Integrated Application of BIM and VR Technology in Architectural Interactive Design and Construction
52  Interest Screening and Analysis System for Autistic Children Based on Eye Movement Tracking
53  Key Techniques of Upper Limb Rehabilitation Training System based on Kinect
54  Large-scale 3D Modeling Based on UAV Technology
55  LBWGAN: Label Based Shape Synthesis From Text With WGANs
56  Learing spatial associate temporal correlation filter for visual tracking
57  Marker-Based Instrument Tracking System Using Binocular Vision
58  Metal Surface Defect Detection Based on Weighted Fusion
59  Miss forgetful
60  Mixed Reality Simulation Platform for Middle School Experiments
61  Model Retargeting Motion Capture System Based on Kinect Gesture Calibration
62  Mood Relief Game Design Based on Leap Motion and Unity3D
63  Multimodal Point Cloud Registration Based on Adaptive Feature Region in Radiotherapy Guidance
64  Multiple water quality monitoring platform
65  Multi-touch Simulation System for Sand Painting
66  NOBOOK VR Experiment Test
67  Object tracking with dynamic weighting Siamese network
68  Parking preview based on Unity3D
69  Rating Duration Analysis for Subjective Quality Assessment of 360 Videos
70  Real-time Physics Engine Based on MPM and PBD
71  Red Heros
72  Research on Construction Method of Fully Mechanized Coal Mining Equipment Workspace Based on Virtual Reality
73  Research on the Change Characteristics of Aircraft
74  Research on Virtual Pottery Teaching System
75  Room03—the Echo of Poetry
76  Shadow play
77  Simulation Analysis of Ship-Ice Collision Based on Conservation of Energy in Navigation Scene
78  Sketch-based 3D shape retrieval via attention
80  Smart City Construction and Rendering Based on Virtual City Space
81  Speech Rehabilitation System for Hearing Impaired Children Based on Virtual Reality Technology
82  Study on mobile AR guide system to enhance user experience in cultural heritage sites
83  The Action Consistency of Casting in Virtual Environment
84  The Binary Barycentric Stieltjes-Thiele Type Rational Interpolation On the Basis of Upper Triangular Meshs
85  The design of virtual town based on TwinMotion
86  The Interactive Art Design of Peking Opera Face Based on Virtual Reality Technology
87  The Research and Realization of VR for The School-based Textbooks of school for the Mentally Retarded
88  The Virtual City - Sleepless Hongcun
89  The virtual modeling of future city based on TwinMotion
90  Unsupervised learning of depth estimation based on attention model from monocular images
91  Vascular Intervention Training System Based on Electromagnetic Tracking Technology
92  Virtual Camera Motion Planning Algorithm based on Visual Trajectory Guidance
93  Virtual Experiment Platform For Middle School Entrance Examination
94  Virtual monitoring of support group based on distributed real-time running data
95  Virtual Reality Custom Interactive Art Space
96  Virtual reality system for industrial training
97  Virtual simulation experiment on plateau specific sports injury and plateau training monitoring
98  Virtual simulation system of paste filling for green mining of metallic mine
99  Virtual Tourism Immersive Experience System
100  Visual Analysis of the Development and Hot Spots of Chinese enterprises’ Management
101  VR cycling system with Cross-platform、Multi-scene and Highly Immersive
102  VR multi-class


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