Exhibition of CCVR2020 & SBGames2020

2020 China-Brazil Joint Annual Exhibition on Virtual Reality and Visualization Design Works


Starting from 2020, Virtual Reality and Visualization community colleagues from China and Brazil hold annual exhibition on the outstanding work in related fields from both countries together. This exhibit aims to inspire the designers, artists and technologists from both countries to learn from each other, to foster idea exchange among the international community members, and to promote collaboration among cities that are hubs of creative design in both countries.


The exhibition is sponsored by China Computer Federation, China Society of Image and Graphics, and China Federation of Simulation. It is graciously supported by Brazilian Computer Society, and Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, China. All works will be online for a year till ICVRV 2021 conference. In additional, physical exhibits of the all works are also available at the Smart City Public Gallery, City of Tianjin, China.


Tianjin Jincaiwulian Technology Ltd., a leader in virtual reality technology, supports the event technically. A panoramic 3D version of the exhibit is also available at expo2020.chinavr.info. 



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  • Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, China



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